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A Pyramid-Shaped Asteroid Is The Current Amuse

Researchers have recently found a 427-foot asteroid that resembles a pyramid to be hovering past the Earth. The space rock has not harmed the Earth in any form. On December 8, 2019, the asteroid named VH5 2019 will make a flyby at approximately 17.9 lunar distances. The Center for Near-Earth Object Studies that is a part of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is currently investigating the asteroid. VH5 2019 is found to be 57 Meters by 130 Meters.

The asteroid will be 4.27 million miles from our planet when it will make its flyby. The asteroid is found to be speeding at 6.1 miles per second. The asteroid’s dimensions are being studied owing to its unique pyramid structure. The Apollo asteroid was also suggested to flyby the Earth by the end of the week. There are 5 space rocks that will be moving past the Earth but all will be at a safe distance. Last month, a massive 2,000-foot asteroid was found to move past the Earth harmlessly. Another skyscraper-sized asteroid named 2010 NY65 was found to move past the Earth at 8 times the distance between the Moon and Earth. NASA has opened an office in 2016 with the goal of tracking comets and asteroids that are closer to the Earth. The near-Earth Objects (NEOs) were tracked and detected by the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO). It has been found that over the last 290 million years triple the number of asteroids have slammed the Earth.

Similarly, the OSIRIS-REx mission conducted by NASA had reached the near-Earth asteroid Bennu last year and it is being investigated since then. The space rock has been full of surprises as there are observable events happening on the surface, which proves it’s an active asteroid. On January 6, the mission researchers saw particle plumes ejecting off the surface and a similar event was detected on January 19 and February 19 as well. The loss of mass or particles due to unstable rapid rotations or ice sublimation and micrometeorites caused ejections are the possibilities that are being stressed out on.

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