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Adults Having ADHD Are At Greater Peril For Developing Nicotine Addiction

According to a study by researchers from Duke Health, people having ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are likely to self-administer nicotine and report more pleasing reactions than people without the disorder. The study was published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. Duke researchers analyzed a nicotine nasal spray to find out the impacts of the addictive chemical on non-smoking adolescents. They studied 136 people aged 18–25 Years and reported about half of them had a clinical finding of ADHD and the remaining were not having any psychiatric condition. During the first three sessions, the scientists subjected the volunteers to two different dosages of nicotine and a placebo spray without nicotine.

Adults Having ADHD Are At Greater Peril For Developing Nicotine Addiction

Scott Kollins, Professor at the Duke University School of Medicine, said, “We discovered that in spite of demanding situations, the people having ADHD opted for the spray with nicotine. In the mean time, the people without ADHD chose nicotine more frequently when they had to work on the critically challenging math problems.” For decades, the impacts of nicotine on the behavior and brain have been analyzed, and it is no surprise that people having ADHD incline toward it as nicotine affects brain structure that is involved in the medical condition of ADHD.

On a similar note, recently a study showed that maternal smoking throughout pregnancy surges the peril of ADHD amongst offspring up to three times. An epidemiological study led from the UTU (University of Turku), Finland showed that if the mother had higher cotinine levels in the blood throughout pregnancy, then the kid’s perils of developing ADHD were more afterward in life. This is the first international study in which the link between fetal nicotine exposure and identification of ADHD was revealed by calculating cotinine levels in serum specimens of the pregnant mother.

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