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Amazon-Owned Electronic Firm Ring Has A New Smart Bulb Being Unveiled

Recently, the home electronics company Ring has decided to do something different compared to its usual doorbells and security cameras production. They planned about developing a unique and connected lighting to help light up the corners. It is definitely different compared to the usual corner table lamps. The traditional lighting means it will not have an alternative at present. It has been revealed through an FCC dossier that the Amazon-owned company is working on a Bluetooth-capable light bulb. It is a floodlight that is definitely going to help add momentum to Ring’s existing security systems. However, the company still has to develop something extremely atypical to make a name for itself in the market.

The company has been producing self-contained systems from a few years rather than the conventional screw-in bulbs. The company has not yet spilled the beans about when it is going to commercialize the new product. But, there are assumptions that it will be launched in January 2020 but there is no guarantee whether Amazon or Ring is going to unveil the product. No matter whom so ever the producers are, the product is still like an extra bonanza in terms of security and privacy norms in the thievery-burdened world laden.

Likewise, Ikea has also developed an affordable smart bulb to help turn our homes into a smart home. The bulb will be made available for $9.99. It is similar to our old bulb that has wire filaments, tinted glass, and warm illumination. The Trådfri remote control is known to help control up to 10 LED bulbs. After the delay in April, Ikea has decided to launch its Fyrtur smart blinds to help keep firmware at bay. The blinds are currently available online for $149 for 30×76-inch and $154 for 32×76-inch models. Thus, in short, smart blinds are something that Ikea plans to sell in different sizes and shapes.

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