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Artificial Sweetener Is Thought To Trigger Type 2 Diabetes

The artificial sweetener industry that is worth almost $2.2 Billion is triggering diabetes in people. The people who are planning to lose weight by consuming artificial sweeteners are instead contracting type 2 diabetes. The University of South Australia researchers have recently found the low-calorie sweeteners (LCS) to instead add weight rather than shedding it down. The new study has shown the artificial sweeteners to cause another consequence instead of weight loss. The use of it has been found to increase by 200% in children and by 54% in adults. The sucrose, glucose, and fructose are components that are now being replaced by low-calorie sweeteners to help lose weight.

Artificial Sweetener Is Thought To Trigger Type 2 Diabetes

Sucrose, glucose, and fructose are found to have no calories but add an intense sweet flavor. The consumption of artificial sweeteners in large quantities added more calories. The people tend to use both sugar and low-calorie sweeteners to help satisfy their cravings. The risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes are found to be high when using artificial sweeteners. The death rate related to cardiovascular disease, dementia, strokes, and others is found to have doubled as the consumption of artificially sweetened beverages (ASB) has also increased. At present, the relationship between artificial sweeteners and health risks is being scrutinized. The type 2 diabetes was found to be only 5–7% lower in the case of sugar-sweetened beverages or fruit juices. The people must start consuming more whole grains, dairy, seafood, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and water instead of just sticking to low-calorie sweeteners.

Similarly, a new study shows stevia to be a hundred times sweeter and with no calories. As it comes from a plant, it can be called natural sugars instead of artificial sugar but the FDA is yet to approve it to be used in food. The steviol glycosides are extracted from the leaves to be used in water and alcohol but as it can be modified with certain enzymes and thus, the use of stevia is not legalized yet.

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