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Blood pressure and lowered inflammation is related to rare berry juice

Blood pressure and lowered inflammation is related to rare berry juice

As we all know, one of the most common juices tends to come from famous fruits just like grapefruits and apples. But the juices made from berries just like strawberries and blueberries stereotypically focusing on the most common produced crop of berries, are kind of uncommon, but not unusual. Recently, it has been found out by new research that, a comparatively not-so-common and lesser-recognized juice in North America was made from a type of berry known as lingonberry might also be something should be consumed by people, especially if they are undergoing from inflammation-instigated high BP.

Basically, lingonberries bear a resemblance to cranberries, as they are innate to the icier northern weathers in Asia, Europe, and North America. Eating these lingonberries was usual in numerous older cultures and drinks made from the berries may be available to be purchased in different parts of Europe. Generally speaking, however, it is the type of juice is not anything you will find easily in the supermarket of North America. That is really bad in terms of the study released by the University of Helsinki. It was detailed by Anne Kivimaki in the doctoral theory that, consuming cold-pressed lingonberry juice not more than a couple of months might significantly lower high BP and recover reduced blood vessels in people undergoing from situations like hypertension.

Lab rats, which were genetically engineered to suffer from hypertension, was involved by the research. Anyone among the cranberry juice, lingonberry juice or the blackcurrant juice was given to the rats for the time period of eight to ten weeks. Throughout this time, benefits were observed in rats, who consumed higher concentration and diluted lingonberry juice. It was found by the research that, the lingonberry juice halts the expression of genes associated to low inflammation stages in blood vessels, by which narrowing can be caused.



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