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China’s Xichang Launch Center Prepared For 20 Space Launches In 2020

Reportedly, the XSLC (Xichang Satellite Launch Center) in China’s Sichuan province will host about 20 launch operations in the next year, counting two satellites of the BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System), as per to an executive from the center. Wang Zemin—Deputy Director of the XSLC—made the comments following China successfully launched two BDS satellites in the space from the launch center. The BDS is a universal navigation satellite system autonomously developed and operated by China. Up to now, all BDS satellites were lifted off from the XSLC. Ever since the first BDS trial satellite was launched in space in 2000, the XSLC has fulfilled 42 BDS satellite launch operations by 100% success rate, said Wang.

China’s Xichang Launch Center Prepared For 20 Space Launches In 2020

Initiated in 1970, the XSLC is one of three top space launch centers across China. It has launched over 160 spaceships into their predetermined orbits through 142 lift offs, making it China’s largest launch location. As per Wang, since the XSLC became the country’s first space launch location to be awarded excellent management system documentation in 2016, it has been carefully operating its incorporated management system and making attempts to advance its launch capacity. The launch center has augmented its launch capacity to 20 operations per year from 2–3 launches per year in the past, he stated.

On a similar note, recently, China launched two new BDS satellites from the XSLC in Sichuan province. As per to Yang Changfeng—Chief Designer of the BDS—the launch means all of the 24 MEO (medium Earth orbit) satellites of the BDS-3 have been effectively launched in the space, and the operation of the central part BDS-3 constellation structure has been completed. “BDS now has the full potential for international services. It will be able to present the best navigation service to users globally,” Yang added.a

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