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Coca Cola Bottles Would Have Lightsabers That Illuminate With Touch

There are a number of hi-end and innovative products that people can expect every passing year. The movies like “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is sure to get a lot more products in the market. There are chances that people may see rare Coca-Cola bottles. The lightsabers that light up any time when the labels are touched are the new fascination that the manufacturers are looking for. The organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) are usually used to light up the bottles and there is no magic involved in there. It has exactly the same technology that lights up a phone or TV screen. A Berlin-based startup called Inuru was found to be the pioneer of the new tech.

Coca Cola Bottles Would Have Lightsabers That Illuminate With Touch

Inuru developed the smart labels and these were found to have a built-in printed battery and the diodes that illuminate. The moment the label is touched the circuit is complete and an electric current sent to the diode helps it light up. The battery is found to work for at least 500 activations. As the diodes are made without any rare-earth metals they are considered to be eco-friendly. The company plans to take smart labels into the home appliances, advertisements, packaging, and others in the near future. The people who want a glimpse of the limited-edition bottles will have to make a visit to Singapore. For now, Coca-Cola plans to release 8,000 bottles for the Galactic Hunt promotion, which is expected to start from December 6 to December 22 in the city of Singapore.

Likewise, label maker Avery Dennison Corp. had purchased a division of Netherlands-based Smartrac Technology Group on November 21 for about $249 Million. The Smartrac is known for making radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags that help track the products’ bio-data. Thus, this agreement was believed to help Glendale-based Avery Dennison boost its portfolio through the use of smart label offerings. The smart labels are becoming a major part of the retail and other industries.

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