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Jeff Bezos To Test Postal Services In Space

Jeff Bezos, Founder of e-commerce giant Amazon and Blue Origin space venture, has stated that he is all set to conduct the next unscrewed test by launching suborbital spaceship New Shepard loaded with cargo. The payload contains thousands of postcards which the company has collected through “Club for the Future—an educational program.”

Jeff Bezos To Test Postal Services In Space

Blue Origin is going to conduct a test mission for the 12th time on its New Shepard spaceship, and it would be the company’s 100th commercial payload set to be launched on space.

In May 2019, Bezos not only revealed about Blue Moon Lunar Lander in Washington D.C. but also introduced the Club for the Future program. So far, Blue Origin has received thousands of “Space Mail” postcards, prepared by kids.

All the postcards would be sent to space via New Shepard, then brought back to Earth, and reposted to their actual senders.

Besides the postal trial, Blue Origin is likely to be conducting an array of experiments based on science and technology. The space company is expecting to use New Shepard as a partial space traveler in the next year for carrying crew to heights beyond 62 Miles.

On a related note, SpaceX—one of the US-based globally renowned privately held aerospace manufacturing companies—has temporarily halted some operations on its next-gen Starship program in Florida, letting the workforce to focus on generating a new Starship test vehicle in Texas.

Amid such sudden work alterations, the company hasn’t laid off any of its employees working at Florida site, where a Starship test vehicle is under construction. SpaceX has offered its permanent employees an opportunity to work on Starship in Texas or work on other projects being managed by the company. However, the company has released relieving notice to the few temporary employees in Florida.

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