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Lorena Gonzales feels AB5 is going to be justified for workers

A new law which had gone into effect in the state of California on this Wednesday is going to make it more difficult for companies such as Uber and Lyft to hire their workers as contractors however these companies which also includes Postmates have been refusing to classify the driver fleets as employees. The supporters of the bill are saying that these companies for many years have been involved in the exploitation of the contract workers since they have not been considered for a lot of the employment benefits such as worker’s compensations and also the health benefits. The law is touching a lot of the industries from trucking to the tech to even a few medical professions. This bill though includes a few carveouts for the professions of attorneys and dentists.

Lorena Gonzales who is a democratic assemblywoman has said that this misclassification has been a problem for the economy however she had zeroed in on the gig companies in the legislative session last year. She said that in the same week the workers had been going on a strike for their per mileage fee, the investors had been celebrating the investments increasing. She felt that there is something wrong in the way these companies are being allowed to operate.

This legislation has codified a Supreme Court ruling which had established a test for the classification of workers. Gonzalez has said that she is hoping that the attorneys of the city and the general attorney are going to hold the companies responsible in case they fail to comply with the law. Lyft and Uber have not made their opinions public on the information however they have been trying to come up with ways of not complying with the law.

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