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Massive Solar Battery Projects Are Set To Be Installed In Nevada State

Nevada regulators have recently approved three solar projects, which would altogether generate 1.2-gigawatt power for the state. The project also includes the installation of energy storage units with a capacity of 590 Megawatts.

Public Utilities Commission of Nevada has given a green signal to NV Energy for setting its three solar projects. EDF Renewables, 8minute Solar Energy, Arevia Power, and Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners are supporting NV Energy to install these projects by 2023.

Massive Solar Battery Projects Are Set To Be Installed In Nevada State

Based on the contract, Arevia and Quinbrook are supposed to be working on the recently approved 690 Megawatts of energy-generating Gemini project. However, the remnant would be fulfilled by EDF’s Arrow Canyon project generating 200 Megawatts of energy and 8Minute’s 300-megawatt Southern Bighorn project. These newly approved solar projects would be equipped with a powerful energy storage system capable of storing at least four hours of energy during peak midday periods. Gemini project is ought to be outfitted with a 380-megawatt storage array of the storage capacity of 1.5 gigawatt-hour.

So far, NV Energy is effectively delivering a big share of about 81% of electricity across the state. Now, the public utility is expecting to increase its renewable energy capacity by two-fold between 2018 and 2023, with a goal of generating and supplying 50% of energy as renewable by 2030.

On a related note, Amazon—the renowned e-commerce giant based in Seattle—has revealed its investment plans in the renewable energy sector. The company has decided to invest in three upcoming solar projects in the US and Spain.

Two of the three solar projects, in which Amazon has decided to invest, will be established in Illinois and North Virginia in the US. Both the projects will contribute to generating 180 Megawatt of renewable energy. The third project will be located in Seville, a city in Spain, generating 148 Megawatt of energy.

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