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The Piling Exoplanet Discoveries Are Making Their Study More Difficult

At present, the astronomers have more advanced and endless number of tools to make new discoveries and it is nothing like the earlier days. The technology has modernized so much that it can spot the external celestial bodies from entering our Solar System. The current list of exoplanets shows the discoveries to be never-ending and the data are only overflowing, which might create a lot of problems. The astronomers have till date spotted over 4,100 exoplanets and they have provided evidence that alien world does exist. Thus, there is more additional observation required prior to making any conclusions. The thought of examining every exoplanet virtually is impossible.

The Piling Exoplanet Discoveries Are Making Their Study More Difficult

The discovery of each exoplanet helped unravel a completely new secret about the cosmos. The piling up of thousands of never-before-seen planets has confused the astronomers, which has to be given the first priority. The researchers have decided to select a few exoplanets to study intensely to find a final conclusion. The rocky worlds’ study could reduce the fascination surrounding the giant bodies like Jupiter and instead provide evidence that the newly discovered exoplanet is a habitable zone. The problem is the advanced tools will make more & more discoveries and make the study impossible.

Likewise, 100 host stars and exoplanets have got new names from the International Astronomical Union. Approximately 780,000 people were given the chance to suggest names as part of the IAU’s NameExoWorlds project. This IAU-governed process has proved successful for the second time and every country had been given a single planetary system comprised of exoplanet and a host star to name. The US named an exoplanet Mulchatna and its host star Nushagak. The names like Naqaya, Nosaxa by Argentina; Bran, Tuiren by Ireland; and more were found to have caught the eye of the IAU.

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