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The United Auto Workers (UAW) will get a signing bonus from Ford Motor Company

The United Auto Workers (UAW) will get a signing bonus from Ford Motor Company

Following the end of the strike, the United Auto Workers (UAW) and General Motors (GM) agreed a new four-year contract. The United Auto Workers is now concentrating on Ford Motor Company, a competitor.

Following information released to the public on Thursday, the corporation plans to award hourly full-time employees a $9,000 signing bonus in exchange for their participation in the ratification of a tentative labour agreement.

Additional incentives are planned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which is based in Dearborn and will pay a $3,500 signing bonus to temporary workers, according to the sources.

Both the United Auto Workers and Ford have kept mute on the matter.

The tentative agreement between Ford and the United Auto Workers (UAW) was announced late on Wednesday, but it still needs to be accepted by the union’s members and leadership. First and foremost, the contract will be evaluated, and a proposal will be produced and given to the local unions on Friday for deliberation and consideration.

Four hundred and sixty thousand full-time employees will get a $11,000 signing bonus from General Motors. According to industry observers, the dollar amount was influenced by the need to make up for earnings that were lost during a six-week strike that resulted in weekly salaries of only $275.

The UAW Ford negotiators were able to complete the financial parts of the proposed agreement in just three days, according to the union. Ford currently employs the most number of hourly workers in the United States, with 55,000 employees. A signing bonus of $8,500 was offered to new employees by the corporation in 2015.

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